Another blog about pregnancy!

My name is Ross. I’m a man living with his pregnant fiancĂ© in the city of Edinburgh. I decided to jot down what we’re going through as we go through it. If you plan on rain dancing by the water birth… this is not for you.

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11 weeks and 2 days

Haz Paz and the Chamber of Secrets We decided at the weekend to do all the Haz Paz (Harry Potter) films before Christmas. We did the first over the weekend and the second last night. It feels festive enough but also my mental health can’t deal with another tv show binge. We’re usually quite goodContinue reading “11 weeks and 2 days”

10 weeks 5,6 and 11weeks

Long weekend I was off Friday, Saturday and Sunday on a self imposed long weekend. A break has been needed for a while but Maria needed taken for her drive through Flu Jab on Friday so it was more out of necessity this time round. What. A. Nightmare A drive through flu jab she said,Continue reading “10 weeks 5,6 and 11weeks”

10 weeks and 4 days

Holidays are coming…holidays are coming I can’t help but sing the line above like the Christmas coca cola advert but with thoughts of the corona vaccination trucks instead. My pessimism until the scan is an annoying cloud that hangs over most feelings of happiness but with Christmas getting ever closer it does bring me joyContinue reading “10 weeks and 4 days”

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