9 weeks and 5 days

The wind of change

Maria spent much of yesterday flatulent. Very flatulent. Luckily she works at home (COVID and all that) and I actually go to my work, so it was only really an issue at night. It makes you think though. The baby is far from developed but it’s right there in the eye of the storm, next door to the reactor if you will. She blamed the vitamin pills she has been taken but she also read that it can be a side affect of pregnancy at this stage. To be honest though, I think you can find an article saying anything is a side effect of any part of pregnancy.

Maria “I forgot to do the dishes”

American pregnancy blog “It’s well known that the dish wash part of the mothers brain in week 9…”

To be fair yesterday was no laughing matter. The smell was too much. It just so happens her parents had shipped over some Scandinavian Rye bread so I really don’t think it’s a pregnancy issue. If it is a none pregnancy issue then I’m allowed to complain, that is the rule. Frankly I’m surprised the wall paper was staying on the wall so if it wasn’t the rye bread I’m trying to preserve our flat deposit.

Health and IQ

I’ve really enjoyed Marias commitment to eating healthy food in general. Loads of fruit and veg and the likes. However her parents also sent over some home made biscuits so we have been gluttonous the last couple of days. It makes me a hypocrite because I keep talking about my scientist friend who found that the diet and health of the pregnant mother can have a remarkable impact on the babies IQ. This is one of the few people I trust as well, certainly no voodoo blog. Their finding basically was, eat McDonalds when pregnant and you baby works in McDonalds when they grow up. I’m paraphrasing of course but I don’t recall hearing anything about Einstein’s parents being regulars at Pizza Hut. Case closed.

I write these posts the morning or afternoon after so I’m genuinely sitting here hoping the wind has shifted by the time I get home. Otherwise we’re going to have by more diffuser sticks. No wonder people say babies are expensive.

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