9 weeks and 6 days

Long showers already

Everyone says that sex is firmly off the table when a new baby arrives. Even though that is 7 months away and the baby is only 3cm tall it is playing on my mind. Maria finally vented to me yesterday about the length of my showers. Up until then it has been part of our daily routine really. I get home from work between 5 and 6, catch up for a few minutes, secretly turn the volume on the living room tv up a few levels and sleuth of to the shower.

It’s not a new thing. Maria is home a lot even before the pandemic and for some time now every time we meet up with friends there is a discussion about my notoriously long showers. One of those passive aggressive style convos that are a fun topic of discussion with friends but deep down your partner is thankful to have the forum to tell you what is really on their mind.

Truth be told, and it’s no great shock, but only about 30% of that time is spent showering. In reality the shower is a ruse and a perfect opportunity for me and my phone to be behind a locked door with background noise. For the most part I thought it was an unspoken mutual agreement, she knows what I’m up to, we don’t talk about it and I pay the gas and electricity bill. Recently though she has been talking about how spending so long in the shower isn’t good for me skin etc…Maybe she doesn’t know? Why did she think I bought the wifi extender?

Regardless, I feel it would be stupid to stop now. We’re someone how in credit with our energy company and If anything it’s going to be more important moving forward. It will be a way of keeping my hormones in check with more important things to think about, like taking care of a tiny human being. As the pregnancy evolves and the post birth aftermath, I’m unsure how much sex will be on the table. I didn’t want to ask the midwife.

There is a high chance the table will be stored away. Who knows how long the flight will last though…

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