10 weeks, 1 and 2 days

The weekend

The plan is to blog every day….apart from weekends where I will wrap it up in a nice 2 day bow.

The weekend is a strange one in the middle of a pandemic. Ironically it helps keep the secret for now as no-one is asking us out for drinks (maybe they wouldn’t anyway). However with our scan being on the 22nd of December and our plan to tell friends and family on Christmas day, we have a long stretch to go without spilling the beans. My family in particular are like meerkats, whiffing a scent of food when it comes to predicting big news like this.

We’ve planned to drop in stories of Maria drinking to keep them off the scent. The first opportunity was last night on our family quiz. One question asked for the ingredients of mulled wine;

“Oh Maria was on that last night”

“Yea, anything with booze, Maria knows the answer!”

I made a few more remarks as well. At this point my family are more likely to hold an intervention that predict a baby is on the way. Maria tried to get my to bring it down a notch.

“Yea I’ve started calling her Amy Mulledwinehouse… ouch! Why are you hitting…”

The problem is we might be digging a bit of a hole for ourselves. We will go to my Dads for Christmas and arrive on Christmas eve, if we turn up with no alcohol we may as well turn up with a pram and changing table. The plan is to switch labels from non-alcoholic drinks with normal booze. Again, it might look more alcoholism than pregnancy if they were to notice. Hopefully the faff is worth it. We spent much of this weekend dreaming and thinking about everyone’s reaction.

We lost my mother 11 years ago out of the blue, so I just can’t stop thinking about how much this will mean for my Dad. He adores Maria and this will make him the happiest man on the planet. My brother will be elated as well but is very good at controlling his emotions. It makes me nervous just as much as excited though, it’s still early days and telling my Dad on Christmas day after one of the worst years in our life time (he also just had COVID) just sounds too good to be true. As much as I don’t want to think or jinx it, what if we were to lose the baby between now and then? Having to put a brave face on while dealing with that pain and almost certainly not confiding in them, knowing it would crush them.

Maybe this is just Monday talking. No-one thinks positively on Monday. Eugh, Mondays!

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