10 weeks and 3 days

Daddy wants some candy!

Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s cravings, maybe it’s impatience or maybe its an anxiety thing but we’re starting to slip with the diet. On Sunday night Maria was desperate to do a “candy run” (where we, usually just I, go to the shop and buy loads of treats). It’s usually me that instigates this but for once it was her. Last night was similar although we managed to resist temptation.

We’ve still be eating loads of healthy things, all we’re starting to do is add unhealthy things on top of that. Not sure how you would describe that diet? I can be gluttonous when it comes to chocolate and sweets. Especially around the Christmas period. It will come down to will power for staying healthy where possible for the sake of the baby.

Pregancy pillow

I finally ordered Marias Christmas present, a pregnancy pillow. Every time I see a picture of them I just think it’s something a teenage boy would hump in bed when masturbation has entered their life. Like a dog humping a leg, but on it’s side.

I didn’t know anything about pregnancy pillows until now. I had never seen them anywhere so it has taken a bit of research. She takes up enough of the bed without a baby bump and giant hump pillow so I ended up getting the half moon shaped one that can fasten at the bottom. Apparently it’s also good as a feeding pillow when the baby is born. I’ve no doubt chosen the wrong one. We both already use memory foam pillows so I there is not a chance I’ve nailed getting the right size pillow with the right puffiness etc. Maybe I can just use it as a shagging pillow. No point in letting it go to waste.

“Maria, I’ll sleep in the spare room tonight so you can be comfortable! I’ll take the pregnancy pillow with me”

I’ll have to think of another gift, something a bit more romantic. Pregnancy and budget rules out so much. She might have to put up with another year of, the gift of me! Hopefully the coupons don’t expire this time.

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