11 weeks and 2 days

Haz Paz and the Chamber of Secrets

We decided at the weekend to do all the Haz Paz (Harry Potter) films before Christmas. We did the first over the weekend and the second last night. It feels festive enough but also my mental health can’t deal with another tv show binge.

We’re usually quite good at watching 20 minutes tv shows like Fraiser and Bobs Burgers interspersed with a couple of binge worthy series but with lockdown we’ve watched too many full series. The problem is you feel pressured to watch these shows and the relaxing nature of sitting at home in front of the tv can become quite a chore. especially if the show isn’t up to much. A film series we’ve watched a thousand times is a much better solution.

We call it Haz Paz or Haz Potts because nearly everything we say has some sort of nickname we developed in the last 8 years. Sometimes it’s hard to remember where these things started. So much so that I only found out last night that Maria didn’t know, that whenever I randomly said “Snerf” at the end of sentences I was referencing the cartoon, Pinky and the Brain. It turns out that Pink actually says “Nerf” but for 8 YEARS!!! Maria has thought I just made up a word called Snerf and would sporadically snort it out for no reason in every day life. She even started doing it! How she agreed to marry me and sire my child is beyond me.

Anyway, I guess it’s also best to save these binge worthy tv shows for further along the pregnancy. When the weather is shit and the country is unable to go anything exciting it can become quite easy to complete Netflix but if we can hold off as long as possible we will be fine. Let’s just hope the novalty of silly jokes between as doesn’t ware off. SNERF!

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