10 weeks 5,6 and 11weeks

Long weekend I was off Friday, Saturday and Sunday on a self imposed long weekend. A break has been needed for a while but Maria needed taken for her drive through Flu Jab on Friday so it was more out of necessity this time round. What. A. Nightmare A drive through flu jab she said,Continue reading “10 weeks 5,6 and 11weeks”

10 weeks, 1 and 2 days

The weekend The plan is to blog every day….apart from weekends where I will wrap it up in a nice 2 day bow. The weekend is a strange one in the middle of a pandemic. Ironically it helps keep the secret for now as no-one is asking us out for drinks (maybe they wouldn’t anyway).Continue reading “10 weeks, 1 and 2 days”

9 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant

Christ above, what am I doing? Think about how many more productive things I could be doing with my life right now instead of starting a blog? I mean… I’m at work right now. I’m literally inserting something new in to my life that serves little to no purpose in what should be some ofContinue reading “9 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant”